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Kings and Queens Café

The Board Game Bar of Brussels!

We're a Belgian beer bar with hundreds of board games available for your to enjoy. For  €5 per person, you can play any game from our games library, with an expert at your disposal to explain you the rules and get you playing in no time!

All of this with a big glass of one of our extensive collection of Belgian speciality beers, or an original beer cocktail!

Tout ça avec un bon grand verre de bières spéciale parmi une sélection de plus de 30 bières et de nombreux Beer Cocktails!

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Our Address

Rue Fossé Aux Loups / Wolvengracht 27, 1000 Brussels (Maps)
+32 2 319 10 29

Summer Opening hours

Monday to Tuesday: Closed

 Wednsday to Thursday: 17h à 00h

Friday: 17h00 à 2h

Saturday: 14h à 2h

Sunday 14h à 22h

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bières AU fût

Beers of the Dubuisson brewery!

Cuvée des Trolls, Surfine,Blanche et Bush de Noël!

Cuvée des Trolls, an unfiltered blonde beer with a natural cloud. The beer is produced using only yeast, malt, hops, sugar and water and has an alcohol volume of 7%.

Surfine is a refreshing blonde beer that is surprisingly balanced, with a slightly bitter taste. The aromas are strikingly complex and fruity aromas; citrus is the predominant note but there are flowery touches, reinforced by impressions of herbs and pepper.

The Blanche Dubuisson is exclusive to Brussels! Come and give it a try, we think it's probably the most refreshing white beer (Blanche/Witbier) that you'll have a chance to taste!

Bush de Noël is brewed only from malts, hops, candy sugar and water. The use of caramelized malts makes it possible to obtain a coppery beer with a full and round taste. Bush de Noël owes its fruity taste and subtle hop aromas to the careful choice of hops in this brew. Another exclusivity in Brussels, we have it on tap all year round!
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Special Beers & Beer Cocktails

A great range of beer bottles for every taste! 

At Kings & Queens, we like you to get comfortable. That's why we're doing everything we can to expand our ever growing beer selection. Come try one of our seasonal specials, or enjoy one of the great Belgian Classics.

Small Bites

We're providing excellent pizza's and Nachos

When you're a bit peckish, or when you're out with friends having a party - we're serving gourmet Italian pizza's, little bites or a generous Nachos.

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Board Games

A wide range

From very easy to the most complex games!

Our experts are there to help

We're here to advise on which games you would like to play, explain you the rules and get you up and playing in no time! 

Discover the world of board games without any stress

Our experts are here to help, any time you need us!

Browse our board game library!

Have a look at what we have available

Contact us

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Thanks for getting in touch!

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